About Me

Hey there, I'm Elaina.

 I'm a portrait photographer based in Orlando, Florida. I've lived here in Orlando for most of my life but, I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Photography is my side hustle, for now. My real job is working at the Happiest Place on Earth, DISNEY! My role is in Children's Activities at the resorts. I am attending the University of Central Florida ( GO KNIGHTS! ) majoring in Integrated Business, which tends to help a lot with the business side of photography.

Right now, I shoot a lot of portraits/lifestyle but, I'm currently working towards broadening my niche to Couples Photography, or even Weddings as well. 

The reason I started getting into photography was through my own Instagram. I've always prided myself on my own images on the app and thought, "Why not actually do something with that?". I began taking photos in 2018 and from there my love for photography grew, I started getting serious about photography in 2019 and here we are now.

I'm so glad you decided to visit this page, and I hope you choose to book with me so we can create something beautiful! ​​​​​​​

Why choose Lain's Lens?


“I had an amazing time working with Elaina on photos for my website. She made me feel very comfortable and confident throughout the whole shoot and I am in love with the way the pictures came out. I would absolutely shoot with her again.”

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